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Best Bean to Cup Office Coffee Machines for Caffeine Addicts

Many people all over the world love coffee. For many, coffee is what helps wake them up in the morning! Today, most workplaces are equipped with a coffee machine that serves as an essential dose of energy for employees throughout the day. Among the many different coffee machine types, bean to cup coffee machines have found their place in offices.

What sets bean to cup coffee machine apart is its capacity of grinding beans freshly just ahead brewing, deliver a consistent brew full rich taste each time. So, here is the roundup of some best bean to cup coffee machines for caffeine lovers at work place.

    Bean-to-Cup Jura WE8 Coffee Machine

    The Jura WE8 Coffee Machine has a shiny finish with backlit buttons and is not only nice to look at but built for purpose. It comes with an automatic nature and offers the water capacity of 3 liters along with bean capcity up to 500 grams. This stylish coffee machine can churn 20 cups of the delicious beverage in one cycle, makin[g] it perfect for a busy office. Furthermore, its automatic milk frothing system produces silky micro-foam in no time that one can use to pour beautiful latte art.

    Why choose GS bean to cup office coffee machine?

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