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Top 7 Coffee Machines for Your Office

Taking coffee break is important for many in their daily grind to stay alert. If you are craving a tasty coffee every time its needed then the bean to cup vending machine is for all coffee lovers. They are built to churn out coffee of the highest quality that a professional barista would be satisfied with.

Top Coffee Machines

Choosing the right coffee machine for your office can be a daunting task given all the range of options out there in terms of models and features. Here are some of the best bean to cup vending machines that will help you choose among them :

Jura GIGA X8c

What differentiates the Jura GIGA X8c is that it can create gourmet coffees but at the same time, have a wide choice of configurational options. This machine is also built for demand workplaces with its ability tobrew up 200 cups a day. It has milk chiller inside, to keep the milk fresh and at perfect temperature.

Necta Krea Touch

Necta Krea TouchThis versatile vending machine may not look like your typical coffee-machine, but it will very confidently and stylishly brew some their espresso-based products including cappuccino or a latte. Easy touchscreen: You can toggle on the touch screen interface and easily select your beverage of choice.

    Bravilor Sego

    The Bravilor Sego is a compact, powerful machine that allows you to make tasty coffee very quickly. From the coffee strength to milk and sugar preferences, this machine provides customizable options so that you can enjoy your perfect cup of joe every time whilst being simple enough for regular cleaning and maintenance.

    Ultimate Guide: How to Choose a Bean-to-Cup Vending Machine

    You need to make a lot of considerations when choosing the best bean to cup vending machine for your office.

    Why choose GS bean to cup vending machine?

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