What are the factors that affect the price of vending machines

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       First of all, from the perspective of the hardware model of the vending machine, when the price is normal, a standard vending machine specification, judging from the number and types of goods that can be sold, there are 6 lanes, and each lane has 10 lanes. The cargo lane can sell 60 different types of beverages. And each merchandise aisle can store about 4-6 bottles of drinks according to the merchandise you put in. If this standard beverage vending machine just meets your needs, then the price is relatively easy to calculate . This is the influencing factor of how much the vending machine costs.

        Factor 1. From the perspective of whether the vending machine is refrigerated or not, the average price beverage vending machine needs refrigeration function, or there are some special occasions that the beverage vending machine does not require refrigeration. Whether refrigeration will affect the cost of the machine. Because of the refrigeration vending machine, in the box, the refrigeration system, the compressor, the condenser, etc. All need cost. Whether the beverage vending machine has a refrigeration function has a great influence on the price of the vending machine

        Factor 2. There are two ways to purchase price beverage vending machines for vending machines with screen or scan code versions, one is to purchase via touch screen and advertising screen; the other is to purchase directly by scanning the code. These two different purchase methods have a great impact on the price of vending machines, because the purchase methods are different, and the hardware differences involved are also relatively large, and they have a great impact on the price of vending machines.

        Factor 3. The price of vending machines is affected by the need for software customization. Generally speaking, standard vending machine prices can meet most needs. But if you have some special functional requirements in the software, you need to customize it. This price will be very different! And the cost of software customization is not cheap.

        Factor 4. For example, you understand that the integrated vending machine can sell drinks, snacks, and instant noodles, while the integrated vending machine in the eyes of others can sell eggs and vegetables. The things are different, the functions are different, and the prices are different. There is no comparability, and it is not reliable.

        To buy any vending machine, we need the type and quantity of products that can be sold from the vending machine, whether it has a cooling function, whether there is an advertising screen with touch, how big the advertising screen is, whether it is purchased by scanning the code, Is it 2g communication network or 4g communication network, spring type, crawler type, or other shipping methods. Whether to issue an invoice, whether to include transportation, warranty policy, etc. Only if you list all these things, and then ask the price, and then compare, you can ask reliably.


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