A carefully crafted coffee vending machines experience

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    There are more and more people who love coffee in the world, no matter where they are, they want to taste delicious coffee. Whether you are looking for a self-service office coffee machine for your workplace, or a vending machine for manufacturing or logistics sites, hospitals, universities or retail companies, we can provide you with a solution.
    We have our own YN professional self-service coffee machine brands, which are professionally built by our factory in China and can bring you well-known consumer brands.
The menu has a wide variety, including popular pure white, daily latte, cappuccino, tea and hot chocolate, etc., to satisfy all tastes.
    A coffee vending machine that incorporates the latest touch screen technology and cashless options.
    A coffee machine that is perfectly calibrated for the blend of your choice to provide the best quality coffee. You can combine your coffee solution with MicroMarket to get a complete 24/7 food and beverage refreshment solution.

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